Predictive Analytics

How Intangles' groundbreaking AI-powered solution accurately predicts your vehicles' health

Intangles’ predictive algorithms boast a remarkable 95% accuracy rate in real-world scenarios for forecasting component-level failures.

When it comes to predictive analytics, data is everything. Intangles manages over 60 TB of curated data, far more than the latest class of foundation models, including popular ones like ChatGPT. We use this large amount of data to train our machine learning models. Simply put, the more diverse and the higher the quality of the data, the more precise the model’s predictions.


The large amount of data we process powers our physics-based AI models, a hybrid solution that is purpose driven and does not rely on a black box to predict the health of your vital assets. We meticulously capture the behavior of critical vehicle components or systems, so that we can arrive at precise estimations of machine degradation and failure models.


The result: Intangles’ models are incredibly insightful and accurate.

The Intangles data advantage


Number of data signals

we monitor in real-time

on every vehicle


Sensory data points we

capture from vehicles

on a daily basis


Size of the performance

database used to build

our models


The accuracy rate of our

vehicle health


The industry’s leading predictive analytics solution

We leverage data from over 175,000 vehicles and over 18 billion sensors every day to deliver extremely accurate predictions.

  • Intangles’ Digital Twin Technology recreates every vehicle in a virtual environment, allowing us to pinpoint potential issues long before they occur.
  • We continuously update our physics-based model with real-time data, which facilitates precise predictions.
  • Our models take into account diverse environmental and stress conditions across every component and vehicle we monitor.
Predictive Tech


Harness the power of Intangles’ predictive analytics solution

Our technology backbone: proprietary hardware, scalable back end, and continuously learning algorithms

Hybrid Models

We combine physics-based models and AI models to craft algorithms that are extremely accurate, especially when compared to traditional machine learning algorithms.

Digital Twin Technology

We create a virtual copy of every asset we monitor in the cloud, so we can predict how your vehicle’s components will react in real-world scenarios.

Proprietary Hardware

Our InGenious™ hardware is designed to efficiently process data, and is installed in every vehicle we service, resulting in incredibly fast, accurate data streams.


Harness the power of Intangles’ predictive analytics solution

Our technology backbone: proprietary hardware, scalable back end, and continuously learning algorithms

Digital Twin Technology

The heart of our solution

We create a virtual copy of your vehicle, enabling rapid, real-world predictions.

  • We collect data from your vehicle’s sensors and advanced AI technologies in the cloud to create a virtual twin.
  • Digital Twin Technology allows Intangles to bridge the gap between a controlled environment like a lab and dynamic real-world scenarios.
  • Our proprietary AI models are always learning, evolving and adapting to situations, which allows us to make rapid and accurate predictions.
Digital Twin Technology

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