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Uptime KPI Management

Engine uptime is measured as a function of engine run hours. This helps optimize vehicle management.

fault code

Diagnostic Fault Codes

For any diagnostic fault code logged in Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs), comprehensive data like causes, symptoms, severities and repair strategies are made available for remote diagnosis.


Engine Coolant Temperature Analysis

We record and raise alerts for overheating by leveraging AI, which can track engine temperatures at varying engine loads. Our solutions can anticipate usability symptoms such as check engine light activation and fumes.

system monitoring

Battery & Charging Systems Monitoring

Our system tracks charging voltage at varying engine speeds, and it can make predictions about a failing alternator or a battery that might run down.

fuel consumption

Fuel Consumption & Pilferage Monitoring

Our platform raises alerts and logs both fuel fillings and drains in real-time, along with details such as date-time stamps, hour-meter reading, location, and fuel economy.


Mode-Wise Fuel Efficiency Tracking

Our models can accurately estimate efficiency by tracking engine hours, fuel consumed, and distance traveled. Using signals like engine speed and throttle, our models differentiate operating modes – backhoe, loader, idle, and transit.


Automated Reports

Automated daily reports summarizing fuel consumption, engine hours, efficiency, and distance traveled.

location utilisation

Location and Utilization Tracking

Live location tracking of vehicles with activity status, fluid levels (fuel and exhaust fluid), and active service reminders.

location utilisation

Slave Engine Status Tracking

Real-time alerts on the activity status of the transit mixer drum.

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