Intangles uses AI to drive predictive analytics

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Alan McMillan ICD.d, President of Intangles North America, shares insights into our solutions during an interview with Kevin Jones from FleetOwner at the ATA Management Conference. Our proactive approach enables fleets to conduct preventative maintenance with an impressive 97% accuracy, effectively preventing breakdowns and optimizing overall performance. Alan emphasized our fuel-agnostic capabilities, accommodating various fuels such as CNG, LNG, Diesel, and Electric Vehicles.

Through our intuitive platform, fleet managers can effortlessly oversee diverse truck brands and fuel types. The platform provides detailed comparison reports for trucks on similar routes, facilitating data-driven decision-making. Moreover, our solutions employ patented methods to measure fuel performance at the injector level, with a remarkable 98% accuracy, ultimately enhancing fleet efficiency.

The Intangles platform, featuring cloud-based AI processing power, takes fleet telematics to another level, as President Alan McMillan explained from the company’s booth at American Trucking Associations’ 2023 Management Conference and Exhibition.

Unlike today’s typical systems, which relay fault codes after a problem occurs, Intangles constantly monitors a truck’s operational data to anticipate problems before they happen—with a 97% accuracy rate.

“So if you’re able to do that preventative maintenance, not only is your truck not going to break down, you’re actually going to run it at higher performance along the highway,” McMillan said.

The system works with any make of truck, with any fuel. See the video to learn about additional benefits Intangles provides fleets.


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