EV Monitoring

Say goodbye to EV range anxiety

Leverage our best-in-class models for precise distance to empty (DTE) and battery state-of-charge (SOC) predictions.

EV Monitoring
  • Intangles’ EV range analysis takes the guesswork out of going electric thanks to our Ambient Cognitive AI-powered technology, which takes into account driving behavior, time of day, and weather (both current and future).

  • Know exactly how your vehicle’s batteries are performing thanks to our charge monitoring solution.

  • Get a complete view into the performance of your entire EV fleet with Intangles’ charge dashboard.


A cutting-edge AI solution designed expressly for electric vehicles

Our suite of EV solutions is designed to bolster your fleet’s operational efficiency.

  • Our range estimation models produce distance-to-empty predictions based on motor torque, wheel and motor speed as well as weather forecasts, traffic patterns, and sunset and sunrise trends – a multi-parametric approach that allows us to make consistently accurate EV range forecasts.
  • Intangles’ models can accurately predict battery coolant temperatures based on the torque applied to your EV’s motor, and will detect and forewarn you if your battery is at risk of overheating.
  • We compile comprehensive data on the number of charging cycles over the lifespan of an EV, which helps fleets extend the lifespan of their battery management systems and can prevent premature degradation.

Range Prediction

Receive real-time data on battery range and curated recommendations for nearby charging stations.

Vehicle Health

Monitor drive line health and identify issues to minimize downtime and reduce operating expenses.

Energy Utilization

Track energy consumption and driving behavior, so you can improve route planning and increase operational efficiency.

See the platform in action

The Intangles Advantage

Predict issues with your vehicles long before they happen with our proprietary hardware, continuously learning algorithms, scalable back-end, and groundbreaking Digital Twin Technology.

Predictive vehicle maintenance

  • Receive real-time alerts about vehicle issues long before a diagnostic trouble code is triggered thanks to our proprietary, industry-leading technology.
  • Empower your fleet managers and operators to maintain and repair vehicles proactively long before breakdowns occur.
  • Keep your vehicles in peak condition – and on the road.

Fleet monitoring at your fingertips

  • Access a full 360-degree view of your entire fleet, so you can quickly identify vehicles that require immediate maintenance, and avoid costly issues and breakdowns.
  • Gain actionable insights right from your desktop computer or mobile device – no matter where your vehicles are operating.
  • A convenient, intuitive, and comprehensive dashboard designed to maximize fleet efficiency.

Comprehensive repair solutions

  • Leverage an extensive database of over 16,000 diagnostic fault codes and in-depth repair strategies.
  • Quickly identify the “why” of maintenance issues – not just the “what” – so you can take the guesswork out of repairs.
  • Drill down into vehicle performance anomalies even when there are no perceptible drivability symptoms.

Improve on-road turnaround time

  • Direct vehicles to a preferred service center en route for quick and efficient repairs on the road.
  • Access a robust database of registered service centers across North America.
  • Functionality that allows fleets to rate and comment on preferred service centers, which are kept private and segregated by account.

Integrated data capture and analysis

  • Gain insightful and relevant analytics about every vehicle in your fleet in real time.
  • Capture data from multiple controllers spanning several systems and sub-systems.
  • Proprietary and patented methods for data analysis on the edge and in the cloud.

The Intangles Advantage

Predict issues with your vehicles long before they happen with our proprietary hardware, continuously learning algorithms, scalable back-end, and groundbreaking Digital Twin Technology.

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