Khel-Kood 2023

2023 is off to a smashing start as we end January with our fabulous Annual Sports Fest, Khel-Kood. The action-packed fortnight was a mixture of fun, merriment, competition, friendship, rivalry and glory.

We kicked off the festivities with a gripping chess competition in which Deepak Patel immerged victorious. Next, we were engaged in an edge-of-the-seat bout of Carrom, where Imran Mannan and Nishant Petkar bagged the first position. This was followed by a thrilling badminton tournament in which Manav Chordia and Kamran Mehboob stood first. Later came the football competition, in which the team led by Rohit Deshpande finished first in an exhilarating encounter. The fest came to a close with a nail-biting Cricket tournament in which the team led by Gaurao Pande bagged the title.

Deepak Patel was declared the Sportsman of the Year, aka Khiladi No. 1, Rohit Deshpande the Best Footballer, Sunil Thore the Best Bowler and Asawari Bapat the Best Female Cricketer.

life at intangles
life at intangles
life at intangles

Annual Sports Meet

At Intangles we have always believed in working hard and playing harder. We bring you glimpses from Intangles’ first ever Annual Sports Meet and the fun that unravelled on the 26th of May, 2022.

The day began high on stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit as Snow Leopards took on Team Mercury in the Football Tournament. After an electrifying neck-to-neck final, the Snow Leopards clinched their victory with a 6-5 win. This was followed by a thrilling Badminton Championship where Manav Chordia and KAMRAN MEHBOOB played Neil Unadkat and Mudassirkhan Pathan, with Manav and Kamran emerging champions. Later in the day, we saw the most zealous participation in the Cricket Tournament, where Team Lions bagged the title.

We saw shades of courage, determination, commitment, heart, talent, and guts to make the day a blockbuster affair. Congratulations to all the victors and heartfelt gratitude to everyone who gave their all. The spirit of competition and the undying camaraderie will be reignited next year. Until then, that’s all, folks!

Treks and Trails

In accordance with our rule of working hard and playing harder, we believe in sticking to our roots (quite literally :P). With nature as our canvas, trekking will always remain one of our favourite cool-off methods.

life at intagles
life at intangles
life at intangles

T20 Cricket tournament

Carrying the momentum from our Annual Sports Meet, Intangles played a one-off T20 Cricket match against SGS on Sunday, the 12th of June. Spirits were at an all-time high as every player laid out their all in a thrilling encounter. Intangles emerged victorious in a stunning display of grit and skill with a comprehensive 32 run win. Congratulations to everyone who participated and made it an unforgettable affair. Here is to more of such challenging and mirthful episodes in times to come.