Outlook for EV Adoption and Technological Advancements in 2023


Our Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Mudassirkhan Pathan, gets featured by Express Mobility. Read about the acceleration in EV adoption facilitated by increased consumer demand, government policies and advanced technological developments. By: Mudassirkhan Pathan, Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Intangles With countries worldwide transitioning towards sustainable energy sources, Electric Vehicles (EVs), in 2023, the shift from […]

India’s vision for safer, smarter, and more sustainable passenger mobility

Intelligent Transport System – Powered by IoT, AI, Big Data Analysis & Statistical Analysis

Intangles’ Principal Embedded Systems Engineer, Yash Rao, writes for The Times Of India. Highlighting the latest breakthroughs and developments on the sustainability front, the article talks about future tech-driven possibilities in the Indian passenger mobility segment. Countries all over the world are pushing for the adoption of more sustainable and greener lifestyles. The Paris agreement […]

Future of public transport in India: Electric buses

Electric bus future

Intangles’ Co-founder and CEO, Anup Patil, writes for The Times Of India. The article emphasises the role played by Electric Vehicles in revolutionizing the Indian Public Transport sector. It also talks about the various schemes being implemented by the government to promote EV adoption. Our planet’s reserves of natural resources like crude oil and gas […]

Disruptive Trends Set to Transform the Auto Industry


Intangles’ CEO, Anup Patil, writes for CXO Outlook highlighting the newest disruptive trends in the mobility ecosystem. Anup Patil is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Intangles, a leading solution provider that leverages its proprietary Digital Twin technology to provide real-time and predictive insights for the mobility industry. A visionary and a first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. […]

Progressive innovation can facilitate mass adoption of EVs in India; here’s why


As India emerges from the pandemic, we all have had time to reflect on our lifestyle choices. Whether it is promoting vocal-for-local, taking more responsibility for household waste, or limiting household energy consumption, many aspire to adopt an environment-friendly approach to our everyday routines. Governments and businesses are prioritising sustainability at the heart of the […]

Range prediction: An opportunity beckons for ML


Range anxiety has always been a major factor in defining a customer’s response to EVs. Range figures offered by manufacturers can be misleading as they do not assimilate varied traffic and weather conditions that influence the range. EV adoption faces significant challenges for both existing and potential customers as a result of inept range estimates […]

Role of AI and ML in the Automotive Sector: A roadmap for 2022


Intangles’ Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Mudassirkhan Pathan, writes for Telematics Wire, drawing attention to the latest advancements and leaps brought about by AI in the Automotive Industry. The article also talks about various other sectors constantly being revamped by the AI wave, with a special focus on EVs. With the pandemic leaving a trail […]

How AI-ML are redefining new performance benchmarks in the mobility ecosystem


  The application of new-age tech paradigms like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language is disrupting every industry. Using state-of-the-art AI and ML-powered predictive tools and analysis, tech experts have been able to unravel new frontiers of productivity and profitability. One such sector that is at the forefront of leveraging these emergent technologies is the Auto […]

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