Toll plazas to soon be history? Numbers support the move overwhelmingly!

In what comes as a huge sigh of relief for commuters and road transport carriers across the country, the Govt. of India has announced that it is planning to remove all physical toll booths on highways within a year. As part of the promise of a “Toll naka mukt Bharat”, toll money collection will move […]

Nuances of a Digital Twin

Henry Wheeler Shaw had said, ‘There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: Twins!’. In contrast to the humor writer’s opinion, the Digital Twin has been welcomed with more than open arms by the industry. A 2019 survey by Gartner, mentioned 13% of the organizations executing IoT projects had already […]

Rise of a Digital Twin

‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Digital Twin’ are the new buzz words on the block. It may be more relevant within corporate circles as of today but that won’t stand true in the next few years. To understand why this would be so, it is best to take a look at how the world has evolved through […]

Enhancing operational efficiency – A case study

BACKGROUND: Managing a fleet involves multiple challenges that impact operational efficiency, and digital solutions have demonstrated to improve both the productivity and the profitability for the fleet managers. We at Intangles are consistently working with the fleet managers to infuse Artificial Intelligence based solutions into their workflow to address operational challenges of improving the up-time […]

A Data Driven Approach To Enhancing Gear Shifting Efficiency

At Intangles our core objective is to drive the most ‘potent’ KDD(knowledge derivation from data) cycles on telemetry data. Our analytics platform ‘Indium’ has been threaded to mine ‘mission—critical’ data points from complex telemetry data which are conveniently consumed by the every day fleet manager. Intangles recently created a very powerful case study for one […]

Paving New Ways on the Road….

An omnipresent problem in several metropolitan cities which adversely affects most of us is the stalling of mass transport vehicles, which many a times do not undergo timely interventions via predictive maintenance or have no a priori indicators reflecting the true state of the engine’s condition. Even if there are early signs of potential malfunction, […]

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