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Diagnostic Trouble Codes

For diagnostic trouble codes logged in a variety of vehicle systems, such as the Powertrain Control Modules (PCMs), the Brake Management System (BMS), the Traction Motor Control (TMC), the Battery Management System (BMS), and the Transmission Control Unit (TCU), comprehensive data like causes, symptoms, severities, and repair strategies is made available for remote diagnosis.

battery charge

Battery & Charging Systems Monitoring

Our ML models interpret abnormal fluctuations in voltage readings at varying engine speeds. They can anticipate a malfunctioning alternator or a battery that is running down.


Air Intake Diagnostics

Our system identifies the amount of air entering the system at varying engine loads. We raise alerts for a range of issues in the vehicle’s air intake system, such as a clogged air filter, insufficient turbo boost generation, or a clogged Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This ensures peak engine efficiency, preventing performance issues and enhancing overall reliability.


Engine Temperature Analytics

We record and raise alerts for overheating by leveraging AI, which can interpret the contrast between engine temperatures at varying engine loads. Our solutions can anticipate usability symptoms such as fumes and a loss of power response, along with check engine light activation.


Fuel Efficiency Tracking

Our models can accurately track fuel economy by monitoring fuel injection, distance traveled, and engine hours.


Fuel Consumption & Pilferage Monitoring

Our platform logs both fuel fillings and drains in real-time, along with details such as date-time, location, refill-to-refill fuel economy, and ODO and engine hour readings.


Driver Behavior Monitoring

Our algorithms track a variety of driving behavior exceptions, including hard braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, freerunning, idling, overspeeding, and continuous driving, allowing you to profile inefficient transmission utilization. We also provide you with a driver scorecard that offers peer-to-peer driver ranking to monitor intricate aspects of driveability.


Automated Reports

Our system generates automated reports, including daily and hub-to-hub reports, summarizing fuel consumption, distance traveled, engine run hours, and efficiency.


Location and Utilization Tracking

We provide live location tracking of vehicles with activity status, fluid levels (fuel and exhaust fluid), and active service reminders.

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Jasveer Singh – MD and CEO
Instant Transport Solution Pvt. Ltd.

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Jalpa Jain – Vice President
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Sanyam Gandhi – Director
Chartered Speed

Mr. Archit Agrawal highlights how we have helped improve their fuel efficiency by monitoring driving behavior and reducing driver attrition rates with insightful reports. Additionally, our predictive alerts have cut their maintenance costs by preventing breakdowns.

Archit Agarwal – Director
M. R. Shah Logistics