Intangles for
Oil and Gas



Improve Safety

Monitor driving behavior exceptions, including hard braking, harsh acceleration, harsh cornering, free running, idling, overspeeding, and continuous driving, to encourage safe driving habits and reduce crash events. Incentivize efficient driving with our driver scorecards that offer peer-to-peer driver ranking and receive comprehensive reports on safety incidents.

intangles oil equipment

Equipment and Asset Management

Real-time visibility into equipment and asset location, condition, and usage. Offerings include asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, and equipment utilization analysis.

intangles oil operational

Operational Efficiency

Insights into equipment usage, performance monitoring, fuel efficiency analysis, and route optimization.

intangles environmental

Environmental Compliances

Monitor emissions, water usage, and environmental factors to ensure regulatory compliance.

cost optimization

Cost Optimization

Ensure direct gains in Capex and Opex through optimal asset utilization.

Optimize Your Operations Today


Mr. V. Velmurugan shares how we have transformed their business. We have been helping them monitor location, fuel, and driver behavior. They experienced a 25-30% boost in mileage, and our safety alerts help them ensure efficient driving behavior. All their vehicles use our devices, ensuring safe, efficient operations.

Mr. V. Velmurugan, Proprietor
Velmurugan Transport