Top four inspiring entrepreneurs to look out for on National Entrepreneurs Day

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Our CEO, Anup Patil, was recently featured as one of the top four inspiring entrepreneurs to look out for on National Entrepreneurs Day by CXOToday. Under his leadership, Intangles has embraced cutting-edge innovation and a forward-thinking approach to stay ahead in an ever-evolving market. His strategic foresight and dedication have not only elevated our standing in the industry but have also set new benchmarks for excellence.

On National Entrepreneurship Day (25th November 2023), let’s take a moment to celebrate and applaud the unwavering spirit of entrepreneurs who are not only shattering glass ceilings but also reshaping entire industries with their vision, tenacity, and innovation. From the evolving landscapes of construction technology to automotive and agriculture, these individuals are creating ripples of change and inspiring others. Let’s take a look at these entrepreneurs.

Anup Patil

anup patil ceoAnup Patil is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO & Co-Founder) at Intangles, a leading solution provider that leverages its proprietary Digital Twin technology to provide real-time and predictive insights for the mobility industry. A visionary and a first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Anup Patil spearheads the company’s Strategy, Finance, and People. He also nurtures Intangles growth by mapping its vision and aligning it with resources, performance, and accountability across the board. An enthusiast of technology and science, Anup pursued his Masters in Material Science and Engineering from Clemson University, South Carolina. Inspired to solve the real-world problems of commercial vehicles with smart solutions, Anup laid the groundwork for Intangles in 2016.


As we commemorate National Entrepreneurship Day in India, it is a fitting occasion to acknowledge the remarkable contributions of visionary leaders who have not only defied conventional norms but have also transformed industries through their unwavering commitment, innovative prowess, and entrepreneurial spirit. These trailblazers, whether in technology, or any other sector, have embody the essence of resilience and determination, shaping the business landscape and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.


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