Intangles Lab wins “Startup of the Year” Award

Intangles Lab wins “Startup of the Year” Award at Prawaas Excellence Awards 2017 which was organized by Bus Operators Confederation of India (BOCI) and curated by Ernst & Young (E&Y). Intangles won the award for its innovative technology in the field of Predictive Vehicle Health and Driver Behavior Monitoring.

With its innovative technology Intangles has helped fleet operators save significant money on Fleet Maintenance and Operations. More than 1000 companies across India participated in the award and Intangles Lab won the award validating the value it has created for the fleet owners.

Intangles Lab has built its own Artificial Intelligence System for Predictive Vehicle Health Monitoring and Driver Behavior. With its proprietary technology, the system can predict failures up to 15 days in advance. It’s also able to detect some of the most intricate driver behavior issues like up shift and downshift of the gears, driving in neutral and Vehicle Idling. The system facilitates automated reports and helps reduce dependency on manual entry of vehicle operations.

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