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Intangles wins the Frost & Sullivan Customer Value Leadership Award for Indian Commercial Vehicle Telematics

Frost & Sullivan

Intangles Lab Pvt. Ltd. is honoured to receive the Customer Value Leadership Award for Indian Commercial Vehicle Telematics from global market research and consulting company Frost & Sullivan as part of their 2019 Best Practices Awards.


Announced on September 11, the award recognizes the solutions and strategies implemented by Intangles Lab that dedicatedly serve both – fleet customers, as well as established OEMs in the Commercial Vehicles space, contributing to exceptional customer value.


The award report cites the following attributes as the key benchmarking criteria, on which companies across regional markets were scored:


  1. Customer Impact


  • Price/Performance Value


  • Customer Purchase Experience


  • Customer Ownership Experience


  • Customer Service Experience


  • Brand Equity


  2. Business Impact


  • Financial Performance


  • Customer Acquisition


  • Operational Efficiency


  • Growth Potential


  • Human Capital


Intangles Lab’s user-friendly telematics platform works directly with fleet operators to provide best-in-class services. Their strength lies in their customer service—offering their customers the best systems, services, and processes. This has proven advantageous when compared to other telematics providers and had Intangles Lab coming out significantly ahead of the competition in the Commercial Vehicles space.


Additionally, Intangles Lab’s unwavering focus on offering the best value to its customers (compared to similar offerings from its competitors), as well as its tremendous understanding of Commercial Vehicles in the Fleet and OEM markets were key factors in the award designation.


About Intangles Lab:


Intangles Lab Pvt. Ltd. is a global automotive IoT and deep-learning company with expertise in Digital Twin for connected vehicles. Intangles Lab helps fleets automate their entire maintenance, safety, and efficiency metrics through its platforms. Proprietary algorithms and OBD2 hardware allow asset owners to monitor the performance of their assets in real-time. These include system and subsystem-level failure analysis for engine temperature, battery-alternator, and turbocharger, as well as advanced driver scorecards, and fuel & catalyst monitoring. Its own hardware helps its pricing strategy stay extremely competitive in the Commercial Vehicle telematics market.

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