Intangles helps increase fleet uptime and lower maintenance costs

Neil Unadkat, had an exclusive interaction with Motorindia Magazine as a part of their coverage for PRAWAAS 3.0

Intangles’ Co-Founder and CTO, Neil Unadkat, had an exclusive interaction with Motorindia Magazine as a part of their coverage for PRAWAAS 3.0. He speaks about the rapidly growing adoption of Intangles’ solutions in the mobility ecosystem and our plans going ahead.

In an exclusive interaction with Rajesh Rajgor, Neil Unadkat, Co-Founder and CTO, Intangles, speaks about the acceptance of their services and technology in the market and about bridging the gap using new innovations.

Ever since the easing of the pandemic, the movement of people has increased tremendously. This has encouraged new industry players to join the game. The advantage right now is that fleet owners are considering how to make their vehicles more efficient and how to avoid breakdowns. Getting vehicles out of maintenance or back on the road was expensive when they were off the road for an extended period of time. In order to ensure that the buses run on the road for a lot longer without any failures, as well as to increase operational efficiency, we have a proposal for bus operators.

The first stage is taken care of by making sure the fleets respond preventively in response to the alerts we raise to them, and the second is making sure they operate with far better efficiency. Some of our clients have been able to save as much as Rs 2-3 lakhs a month by making sure that the drivers drive safely and by providing them with constructive criticism regarding the areas in which they can truly improve.

Technology Acceptance

It has been a journey to this point in order to be able to state that this is an investment rather than an expense. It began a few years ago, but at this point we have strong use cases and solid clients who have taken this investment and demonstrated that we have been able to accept this as an investment and are able to obtain return on this investment. It is essentially our obligation to make sure that clients can use the data in this way because it is so data-intensive. We have put a lot of effort into going out to clients to educate them about their problems, how to solve them, and really assist them in doing so.

In the last two years there has been a lot more emphasis on digitalisation, which essentially means that more bus operators are open to embracing technology and are more than willing to come back and say “I need this” if they see the advantage. We work hard to create a seamless experience for both OEMs and fleets throughout the entire process. Operators can use the data to see how the vehicles are acting and adjust operations accordingly. OEMs can use the data to enhance their designs and gain feedback.

Medium to Long Term Plans

The emphasis on digitisation as a whole is increasing, and BS VI has undoubtedly changed the game. The need for such technology is particularly important not only for a fleet operator but even for the on Your Fleet’s Perform Neil Unadkat, Co-Founder and CTO, Intangles OEMs themselves who really need to know that what’s happening in reality. With new emission standards there are a lot more sensors, implying that there is a lot less know-how in terms of finding out what’s going wrong. For us, 2022 was a good year. We have OEM and business partners and the visibility we have received as a result of events and press coverage has actually been excellent.

Our primary focus in terms of growth for the upcoming years is on two main objectives. The first is that we basically want to extend outside India and now we are conducting POCs in 11 different nations and expanding with various partners outside India. In addition, our goal is to make sure that the product can be used by various market segments. Therefore, this year’s efforts will be concentrated on visiting customers and listening to their feedback in order to enhance the platform and make it easier for consumers to use the data that we already collect.

Source : Motorindia eMagazine

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