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Intangles goes on a Hiring Spree, Aims to Increase Workforce by 25%

intangles on hiring spree

Intangles hired about 40 people in the last quarter, increasing its strength from 120 in the month of June to 160 till date.

Intangles has announced its hiring activity cross the board for different departments and positions. They currently have a strength of 160+ employees, and in the coming quarter, the company is looking to grow that number by 25% to 200.

In line with its staggering growth, Intangles hired about 40 people in the last quarter, increasing its strength from 120 in the month of June to 160 till date. They boast a strong and dependable suit of senior employees and leaders who have carved a niche for themselves in the tech industry. Therefore, to further enhance its position as a disruptor in the industry, the deep tech company is going on a hiring spree and growing its workforce by infusing fresh talent within its ranks.

Growing exponentially, Intangles needs to maintain a workforce that can excel and fulfill requirements while staying on top of the massive market demand and sustaining a growth rate of over 200% year-on-year. For this, the company intends to hire on multiple levels throughout the organization. The organization is on the lookout for candidates that are passionate, customer-centric and goal driven in accordance with the overall culture of the organization.

Ojaswini Sapatnekar, Head of People Strategy at Intangles, said, “Given our current position in the predictive AI for mobility space, we plan to expand our workforce domestically and internationally. In line with our expansion plans, we are hiring for various roles under our technology team, as technology forms the backbone of a solid product. We are on the lookout for passionate and competent data engineers, scientists and analysts to add to our flourishing teams.

Additionally, we are strengthening our customer outreach by growing our Account Management team because they are the voice of the customer, and at the end of the day, we are an extremely customer-centric organization. Our teams are pioneering the way to smarter mobility by building cutting-edge solutions, and the only way to go is up.”

She further added,

“In sync with our buddy program, potential candidates will have the benefit of being groomed under an existing team of adept and experienced professionals within the organization. We hope to add a number of ardent innovators who can contribute and grow with the brand that we have created for ourselves in the market, locally and globally. We have always believed that a company does not define the people; it is the people that define a company.”

The company’s job listings are posted on different job portals on the internet. All the listings invariably redirect to the Careers page on the company’s website. Intangles also enjoys a good referral scheme which leads to plenty of people getting recruited.

The Intangles team continues to grow by leaps and bounds, marking an almost 100% rise every year since being incepted in 2016 and beginning with an original team of 8 members.

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