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Intangles Featured by Motorindia for Truck, Trailer and Tyre Expo 2021


The 5th edition of the Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo 2021 was held at Jaipur from September 3-5 and focused mostly on revival post the pandemic-induced prolonged restrictions on movement. As trailer and allied parts manufacturers showcased their latest offerings to stay relevant and realistic, most of them were observed to be attempting to make a fine balance between market sentiments, customer needs and products offerings.


The Truck Trailer and Tyre Expo, organised by Media Day Marketing along with lead sponsor BPW, was inaugurated by Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, Minister of Transport, Government of Rajasthan. It opened up a fantastic meeting ground for industry peers who were longing for a live event during the tough 18-19 months of the pandemic. It was also a wake-up call for all the stakeholders in the truck, trailer and tyre industry to shrug off the pandemic-encouraged online sessions and get going offline, even though it meant overcoming a few traditional greetings, fist bumps and awkward handshake moments.


Intangles – Power of Predictive Data


Intangles is on a mission to change the way businesses operate by bringing everyone’s key performance indicators (KPIs) on to a single platform. Everyone, whether maintenance personnel, a driver, or an operation staff member working anywhere in the world, can be monitored at the owners’ fingertips. The performance of the resources and vehicle fleet can be monitored in real time. Swapnil Kumbhar, National Sales Manager, Intangles, said: “Here at the show we are highlighting our product benefits for fleet operators. We are focusing on a fleet’s Adblue consumption, driver behaviour and fuel efficiency. A fuel theft can be traced to the exact point where you can determine how much fuel was taken from the vehicle, where it was taken, and when it was taken.”


“Driving behaviour can also be analysed. Overloading is the problem of the industry that we are trying to resolve through our predictive real-time data. Our preventive alerts can help an operator to increase a fleet’s efficiency,” he added. The company that first showcased its product at a bus event at Mumbai in 2019 has gained a lot of bus fleet operators.


Swapnil added: “The biggest cost to the fleet owner comes from fuel, vehicle maintenance and the driver and not necessarily the infrastructure. Hence we pitched the products first to the bus fleet operators for retro fitments. Based on their feedback we simultaneously reached out to the truck and trailer fleets. The positive feedback they shared was also noted by the OEMs and today we are working with a couple of them.”


Intangles had a strong start and foothold in the western region of India. The company has teams in major cities to facilitate fleets with retro fitments and services. “Retro fitment is as easy as inserting a pen-drive in a USB port. Our LED indicators are easy to understand and once the data reaches our servers the installation is complete. Our device is IP67-protected and the failure rate is less than 1%. Our devices go through severe quality checks before getting ready for installation. Based on the subscription, customers get access to the data and it is available both on mobile app as well as software,” shared Swapnil.


The promise of good return on investment (ROI) and the value that Intangles technology adds to the fleet operators is what has given the company steady business while gaining trust amongst truck, bus and trailer fleets. “Our price is definitely higher than a normal GPS device but the fleet can recover the cost within three months of installation. Each client gets a key account manager as well as training for their drivers to help inculcate best practices and get the best out of the available resources. The current expo has been good and we have got some really positive leads and pilot orders from fleets having 100-200 vehicles,” concluded Swapnil.

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