Intangles featured by Analytics India under Top Digital Twin Startups in India


Analytics India Magazine lists Intangles amongst the top 5 Digital Twin startups in India. We are continuously harnessing Digital Twin technology to create an impact on the Mobility Ecosystem.

Digital Twin can revolutionise the automobile industry by simulating the real-world environment into a virtual world by analysing data using physics-based analytics and improving the prediction using Deep Learning.

Industry 4.0, the talking point of the business world, has embraced automation, data exchange and manufacturing technologies. At the core of this new industrial revolution bringing in unlimited possibilities are digital twins. As per predictions, the digital twins market is expected to boost due to declining time and cost of product development and unplanned downtime.

The digital twin is the virtual replica model or digitised duplicates of physical assets, processes, systems, and devices.

What is a digital twin?

digital twin is a virtual object representing a real-world item where the virtual image is mapped to the physical things in the real world, for example, a piece of equipment, robots, or a business asset. Mapping in the digital world is created using IoT platforms and softwares that are leveraged to create a digital representation of the physical asset.

In simple language, a digital twin creates a highly complex virtual model of an exact counterpart (or twin) of a physical thing. The ‘thing’ could be a car, a building, a bridge, or a jet engine. Connected with sensors on the physical asset, collected data is mapped onto the virtual model.

Digital twin startups worldwide are impacting Industry 4.0, and there have been many Indian startups as well, creating quite a noise in the digital twin world.

Digital twin startups in India

Pratiti Technologies

Pratiti Technologies is a product development company that provides digital twin data analytics systems for solar energy assets and is one of the top four digital twin startups impacting energy companies. The startup’s solution integrates SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and remote monitoring systems. The startup focuses on SMAC (Social, Mobility, Big Data Analytics, and Cloud Computing), and IoT driven by digital transformation. Their USP is a digital twin-based analytics engine that serves the renewable energy sector by improving the solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant procedures and performance.


SwitchOn is a deep tech startup that uses digital twins to predict performance on the shop floor. The idea of SwitchOn is to automate quality inspection with AI and digital twins to predict performance and add innovation to enable intelligence in the manufacturing sector. AI has found a wide appetite for adoption and innovation in the consumer and enterprise ecosystem, but it is still nascent in the manufacturing sector. The solutions provided by SwitchOn are creating digital twins to predict performance and enable real-time intelligence from the shop to the top floor.

Twin Health

Twin Health invented the ‘Whole Body Digital Twin’ to help reverse and prevent chronic metabolic diseases, improve energy and physical health, and extend lifespan. The startup combines advanced technology and medical science to heal the most complex and dynamic system of human metabolism. Digital twin here is nothing but a digital replica of your body created by collecting 3000+ health signals daily using medically safe, non-invasive sensors. Twin is your health guide, constantly analysing your health signals to know exactly what is needed to heal your damaged metabolism to reverse diabetes. The ‘Whole Body Digital Twin’ delivers precise, personalised guidance about nutrition, activity, sleep and breathing through an easy-to-use app.

Genesys International Corp

Genesys’s geospatial solutions are the right fit for all the activities and processes that have spatial information inherently embedded into users’ business workflow. With advanced geospatial products such as Digital GeoTwin, Wonobo, GeoAI, GeoCensus, and GeoLoc, the company delivers very high-quality and precise spatial content to its users, catering to their unique tailor-made requirements. The end-to-end solutions from Genesys cater to various sectors, namely, Utilities, Urban, Water Resources, Agriculture, Mining, Forestry, Infrastructure, Retail, Real Estate, Banking, and Insurance.


Intangles provides accurate predictive diagnostics for fleet operators and is powered by the Intel Startup Programme. It has brought the much needed real-time insights to fleet owners and managers into the performance of vehicles and gives precise and timely suggestions to help fleet operators make informed decisions. Intangles believes that connected vehicles are things of the past and promote the digital twin concept. Digital twins can revolutionise the automobile industry by simulating the real-world environment into a virtual world by analysing data using physics-based analytics and improving the prediction using deep learning. In a nutshell, any information obtainable by a physical inspection of a vehicle can be acquired simply from its digital twin, right from the office.

Source: Analytics India Magazine

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