Inside Intangles: Exploring the Journey with CTO Neil Unadkat

Inside Intangles: Exploring the Journey with CTO Neil Unadkat

Catch our Co-founder and CTO, Neil Unadkat, in an exciting conversation hosted by Ali Hafizji from Wednesday Solutions. Delve into our remarkable journey through the years, and hear about the disruption we have brought about in the mobility space and the experiences we have garnered along the way.

Episode Description

In our latest episode, we’re joined by Neil Unadkat, the CTO of Intangles. Intangles is revolutionizing the automobile industry with their digital twin concept. Tune in to hear how Intangles utilizes physics-based analytics and deep learning to simulate real world environments in a virtual world, harnessing real-time analytics and predictive data for better control and maintenance of vehicles.

This episode will take you through the Intangles team’s journey from experimentation to stumbling upon a problem and then revolutionising the industry forever. We got together to share experiences and lessons, both the negative and the positive. So you are in for a treat. 🙂


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