How a powerful new addition to the Intangles platform will make life easier for fleet managers

With InRoute Connect, Intangles customers will never have to scramble to find a repair center again.

Trucking was “remote work” long before that became a catchphrase. In the U.S. alone, millions of trucks, including nearly three million semis, put in nearly 300 billion miles a year, and much of that mileage is logged far from major cities—or capable repair facilities. So, when a truck breaks down or has a maintenance issue, it can be a major headache for fleet managers.


Not only are they likely to be far removed from the vehicle, making diagnosis a challenge, but also the vehicle itself will often be in unfamiliar territory, where finding a shop to fix the problem can be difficult, to say the least. The result: more downtime, missed delivery schedules and, potentially, higher repair costs.


But not anymore, thanks to Intangles. InRoute Connect, a recently launched feature in the company’s industry-leading AI-powered predictive maintenance platform, is designed to improve turnaround time for commercial vehicles needing maintenance on the road. When there’s an issue with a vehicle in an Intangles-powered fleet, InRoute Connect sends a predictive alert warning to fleet managers along with the coordinates of a preferred maintenance shop on the truck’s route—right from the Intangles platform.


Intangles already provides fleet managers with AI-powered insights into vehicle maintenance, predicting issues with a truck long before a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered. Leveraging Digital Twin Technology, the platform uses patented and proprietary algorithms and sophisticated software/hardware architecture that helps Intangles clients cut down on expensive repairs, towing charges and downtime.


Now, with InRoute Connect, the power of Intangles goes one step further, marrying predictive maintenance with an extensive network of repair shops throughout North America.


The new feature gives fleet managers the freedom and convenience to choose preferred service centers from among Intangles’ continent-wide database, which includes a list of services provided at each location. Through InRoute Connect, customers and service providers can upload their location information, and the platform will give routing instructions and contact information to users. It even includes functionality to rate and comment on service centers. (To keep reviews honest, InRoute Connect keeps ratings and comments private and segregated.)


InRoute Connect gives fleet managers better control and visibility over vehicle repair and maintenance, no matter where the vehicle is operating. And it’s all done with the click of a button.


“Managing a fleet can be stressful,” said Alan McMillan, president of Intangles, Americas. “InRoute Connect puts the power and control over the entire process in their hands. Like all of our products, [it] is structured to make truck maintenance and repair as easy as possible.”

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