Anup Patil featured on The Founder Thesis Podcast

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Join our CEO, Anup Patil, on the Founder Thesis Podcast as he shares insights into transforming data into a strategic asset. He discusses Intangles’ journey of evolving into a global SaaS player. Learn about our approach to data mining in commercial vehicles, bringing substantial cost savings and ensuring optimal performance for fleet operators.

You’ve surely heard the saying that Data is the new oil- this episode is a masterclass on how to profit from the mining and processing of data.

Intangles is a company that mines data from commercial vehicles and flags issues that once fixed can lead to significant cost savings for fleet operators.

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Just like an Apple watch can show you data about your body and help you be fitter, Intangles helps vehicles to be fitter.

Anup Patil talks about his journey of building Intangles as a global SaaS business out of India.


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