Aman Singh’s Panel Discussion at BW Disrupt’s Next Gen Entrepreneurs Summit

Aman Singh’s Panel Discussion at BW Disrupt’s Next Gen Entrepreneurs Summit

Intangles’ Co-founder and Head of Analytics, Aman Singh, was an eminent speaker at an insightful panel discussion at BW Disrupt’s Next Gen Entrepreneurs Summit. He vaunted his perspective on disruption as a culture, in line with how Intangles has played its part as a disruptive innovator in the mobility sector.

Entrepreneurs from across the sectors agreed on a similar definition and explained that innovation should be focussed on and according to the customers’ demands, needs and expectations

Given the times of uncertainty, the new-generation entrepreneurs are working on innovative solutions across the segments and the disruptors are becoming the trend-setters, catering to the evolving and encouraging environment, said experts.

In terms of failure in startups, all experts agreed that it is part of the whole startup culture and most important what appeals to you. Rejection is definitely there but it is all about how you recover from it.

Aman Singh, Co-founder and Head of Analytics, Intangles explained how not to be person-centred disruption. He added that the team should be involved in decision-making with supreme responsibility, but the founder may have a bigger responsibility.

He further added that innovation comes from sitting with innovative engineers and gazing at the problems and ideas. Over the years, reading has also helped in innovating and keep summarising. Research and development is the way of life for tech startups. R&D should work with the needs of customers, not in silos.

On the other hand, Anvi Lohia, founder of Ampana Life defined work ethics, she said ethics, in general, has become centric. The company is more responsible for the work culture.

Anshita Mehrotra, Founder & CEO, Curls And More Llp, said that targeting a particular section is always a disruptor. It’s about more than a founder, disruption is carried by the team.

Arnav Kishore, CEO & Founder, Fire-Boltt, innovation is not something new or out of the box. It is probably which works for you, how you present it, and how you sell it. We keep looking for new ideas on a daily basis.

Kishore added that it took a lot of time to build the hardware and put health and Artificial Intelligence (AI) together. For the first five years, but after the pandemic, people understand how it is important. In 2020, the overall market size was 4 million units but now it is anticipated it will cross 33 million units.

On the other side, Mehrotra said that Innovation should be according to the customer, what your customer wants and focus on the customer and on a particular set of people.

Source: BW Disrupt

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