Ambient Cognitive
AI Technology for Your
Electric Vehicles


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Ambient Cognitive AI

Our cutting-edge Ambient Cognitive AI Technology enables connected EVs to dynamically adapt to their surroundings in real-time. Leveraging AI and ML, our system enhances range accuracy, efficiency, and the overall experience of the vehicle.

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Diagnostic Errors & Energy Efficiency Tracking

Intangles’ platform combines error code tracking and application logging with detailed metadata such as causes, symptoms, severities and repair strategies. Both active and healed faults can be tracked across multiple vehicle systems.


Battery Coolant Temperature Forecasting

We record and raise alerts for overheating by leveraging AI to forecast battery coolant temperatures at varying motor torques.

accurate range

Accurate Range Estimates

Our range estimation models make predictions around motor torque, motor and wheel speed, along with tracking sunrise-sunset trends and weather forecasts. This is further used to foretell HVAC and lighting requirements. This multi-parametric approach enables consistently accurate predictions across dynamic ambient and traffic conditions.

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Detailed Charging Cycle Repository

We provide comprehensive data on the number of charging cycles over the lifespan of the vehicle. This also helps to correlate the BMS degradation levels over time.

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Fast & Slow Charge Session Profiling

Comprehensive profiling of charging sessions against time – fast charging vs slow charging, self-discharge & charge cycle.


Automated Charging Station Recommendations

Our platform provides automated recommendations for nearby charging stations based on the infrastructure provided (connectors, power ratings). These recommendations are highly reliable as they are based on the true range available on the vehicle.

Optimize Your Operations Today


Mr. Sanyam Gandhi commends us for our pivotal role in their multifaceted transportation business. We provide them with real-time insights through machine learning, enabling flexible operational planning. This allows them to adjust schedules based on real-time data, including historical and ambient conditions, to predict vehicle range accurately. We also help extend the lifespan of their EV batteries by tracking charge cycles, charging sessions, and real-time pack temperatures, preventing costly replacements and fires.

Mr. Sanyam Gandhi, Director
Chartered Speed (EV)