Praveen Agarwal, Proprietor, Mahalaxmi Travels

Mr. Praveen Agarwal, the Proprietor of Mahalaxmi Travels, shares the remarkable impact Intangles has brought about on their operations. With our solutions, they have experienced:

  • A reduction in breakdowns through timely predictive alerts.
  • Savings of approximately 250 litres of diesel per day per bus.
  • Monthly savings of ₹7.5 lakhs in fuel costs.
  • A huge reduction in idling costs, from ₹3.5 lakhs to just ₹1 lakh per month.
  • Accuracy in tracking AdBlue consumption and pilferage.

Atirav Gupta, Director of Operations, Lauls Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Atirav Gupta, Director of Operations at Lauls Limited, shares how Intangles has completely transformed their fleet operations. Discover our predictive alerts’ impact in facilitating more informed decision-making and cultivating a healthier, more profitable fleet. Our insights have ushered in remarkable improvements, including enhanced mileage, streamlined operations, and rapid growth in their business expansion.

Ramratan Singhi, Founder & CEO, Sure Group

Mr. Ramratan Singhi, Founder and CEO of Sure Group, shares his insights on how our solutions have transformed Sure’s fleet operations. With a focus on enhancing driver behaviour and safety, he explains how our analytics have contributed to better fleet management. We have helped them address driving errors and track safety violations as well as improvements using our driver scorecards. They have also been able to reduce cases of fuel thefts, improve vehicle mileage, and prevent breakdowns.

Jasveer Singh, MD & CEO, Instant Transport Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Mr.Jasveer Singh and Bhagat Singh talk about how our comprehensive diagnostics and predictive alerts have revolutionised their operations. From offering precise payroll support for drivers and accurately tracking fuel consumption to minimising critical events, our solutions have significantly enhanced their fleet efficiency.

Dr. Vikram Singh, CTO, Santosh Gill Earth Movers Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Vikram Singh, shares how Intangles has revolutionized their operations. Our solutions have yielded a great impact on their day-to-day operations, leading to the following outcomes:

• 70-80% Reduction in Fuel Theft Incidents: Down from 20-30 to 2-3 per month
• 50% Reduction in Breakdowns
• 50% Reduction in Fuel Costs due to Idling

Mr. Lavanya Agarwal, Owner, Professional Automotives Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Lavanya Agarwal, Owner of Professional Automotives Pvt. Ltd., shares his views on their collaboration with Intangles over the years. Using our platform, PAPL has seen 98-99% accuracy in monitoring fuel efficiency and DEF consumption with up to 99% accuracy. We have also brought about a significant reduction in their fleet’s freerunning instances from over 90% to just 2-3%, enhancing safety and reducing maintenance issues.

Mr. Sanyam Gandhi, Director, Chartered Speed (EV)

Mr. Sanyam Gandhi shares his views on how our EV-centric solutions have enhanced their fleet operations. He speaks about how Intangles is helping them better plan their operations and keep track of their trip schedules. He also mentions how Intangles’ accurate ambient inclusive DTE predictions have helped Chartered get better visibility on their range estimates. Chartered has also benefitted by cutting down on battery replacement and maintenance costs through our pre-emptive alerts.

Mr. Archit Agarwal, Director, M.R. Shah Logistics

Mr. Archit Agrawal, shares his views on their partnership with Intangles. He speaks about how their organisation is using our platform to monitor driving behaviour instances like idling, freerunning and gear utilisation trends, to improve the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. He also stresses how our reports on Fuel and AdBlue consumption patterns have brought about a significant reduction in driver attrition rates. Predictive alerts issued by our system are helping them save on maintenance and repair costs by avoiding breakdowns.

Mr. Sanyam Gandhi, Director, Chartered Speed

Mr. Sanyam Gandhi shares his views on Chartered Speed’s long-standing collaboration with Intangles. He speaks about how Chartered has brought about a significant reduction in vehicle breakdowns by using our real-time predictive insights. Tracking trip delays using our trip management feature and bringing about an impressive reduction in fuel costs using our idling feature are also some of the benefits that Chartered has reaped through our solutions.

Ms Jalpa Jain, Vice President, Aadinath Bulk

Ms. Jalpa Jain expresses her views on how Intangles has helped optimize her fleet’s operations and lower operational costs. She talks about how our platform has helped Aadinath Bulk reduce idling, avoid trip delays and prevent breakdowns.

Mr. Anuj Jain, Executive Director, KM Trans Logistics, Jaipur

KM Trans Logistics has a massive fleet of more than 1,500 trailers and trucks, 50% of which are currently benefitting from the Intangles platform.

Our predictive alerts are helping KMT reduce instances of on-road breakdowns significantly, thereby increasing operational hours and lowering maintenance costs. Intangles has also helped them bring down incidences of over-speeding and neutral driving, fully understanding their emphasis on safety. Through Engine Idling and Gear Utilization profiling, they are not only able to improve on driving patterns but also save a lot on time and money.

Mr Aniket Baghel, Senior Manager, Programs and Operations, RedBus

Aniket talks about how Intangles helps their customers experience a seamless real-time tracking experience. He also talks about feedback from their customers on how our predictive alerts have helped avert many incidences of vehicle breakdown. We also have Mr. Narendra Vallabhaneni of GoTour Travels & Holidays, talking about how Intangles provides them the most accurate data on driving behaviour and vehicle health, enabling them to schedule maintenance efficiently.

Vinay Lakhotia – Lakhotia Transport, Kolkata

Lakhotia Transport has a fleet of more than 120 vehicles, a vast portion of which are on the Intangles platform.

In this testimonial video Vinay talks of the ways Intangles has made it easy for them to monitor their operations, including fuel theft. He also mentions the benefits they have reaped when it comes to idling instances. Mr. Surjendu Sahoo, Operations Lead at Lakhotia Transport, speaks about the efficiency with which Intangles is able to track over-speeding, hard-breaking, and other aspects of driving behaviour like the use of the different Fuel Smart Modes.