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Smart Analytics for a Fuel Efficient Fleet

Intangles leverages advanced analytics to significantly enhance fuel efficiency for a fleet transporting diesel and petrol around Bangalore, demonstrating the transformative power of data-driven insights.


A customer responsible for a fleet of twenty fuel tankers experienced low mileage despite ideal road and load conditions. The tankers, which transport fuel to various petrol stations from IOCL and HPCL filling stations, were not utilizing fuel efficiently, affecting operational costs.


Intangles analyzed the data using proprietary machine learning algorithms to correlate total capacity, weight of the fuel load, and driver behavior. Our analysis revealed that although the tankers operated below their maximum weight capacity, drivers frequently chose inefficient heavy driving modes. We recommended switching to a lighter engine mode more suited to the actual load and road conditions.
Fuel Monitoring case study


Upon implementing the recommended changes, the mileage increased from 2.85 kmpl to 3.44 kmpl, translating to a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency. This adjustment not only optimized fuel usage but also reduced the cost per vehicle, leading to significant savings across the fleet.


The analysis and subsequent operational changes led to a monthly savings of ₹28,576 ($385) per vehicle in fuel costs, totaling approximately ₹6,00,000 ($8,040) for the fleet. This substantial enhancement in efficiency proves the efficacy of smart analytics in optimizing fleet operations.

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