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Lowering Risks Involved in Transporting High-Value Goods

Intangles partners with KM Trans Logistics (KMT), a premier car and steel carrier company based in Jaipur, to enhance the safety of transporting high-value goods. Using advanced analytics, Intangles helps ensure compliance with driving regulations, thereby minimizing risks and reducing potential losses.


KMT has been successfully transporting high-value goods for over 25 years, where even minor damages can lead to significant financial losses. The company prioritizes strict adherence to safety mandates like speed limits, hard braking surveillance, scheduled driving hours, and mandatory breaks to safeguard their cargo and drivers.


To tackle challenges in monitoring compliance with these mandates across a fleet of 1,200-1,300 vehicles, Intangles developed a live incidents dashboard tailored to KMT’s needs. This system tracks geospatial data from all vehicles, consolidating this information to provide real-time alerts if a vehicle exceeds the four-hour driving limit without the required 30-minute break.
Driver Behavior Monitoring Case Study


The dashboard flags vehicles not adhering to the 30-minute break rule, allowing fleet managers to quickly address these issues through direct communication with drivers. This tool helps ensure that drivers take necessary breaks, thus reducing fatigue-related risks and enhancing overall fleet safety.


Since implementing our solution in 2019, KMT has seen a noticeable improvement in driver compliance with safety mandates, resulting in a 10% monthly reduction in continuous driving incidents. The automation of these processes has not only made fleet management more efficient but also significantly safer.

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