Case Study

Long-Haul Transportation

Intangles’ AI-powered predictive analytics fleet intelligence system reduced costs and increased fuel efficiency for the owner of 100 long-haul freight trucks.


  • The customer operates a North American fleet of 100 long-haul vehicles with diesel engines manufactured by six different major OEMs.
  • The fleet owner’s objectives include reducing turnaround time (TAT) on repairs, decreasing comebacks and completing repairs in one day, so his assets are on the road – not in the shop.
  • The fleet owner wants to predict potential issues with his trucks well in advance of a breakdown, so his team can initiate preventative measures. Having a single, easy-to-read dashboard where he could see all his vehicles at a glance was key.
  • The customer also wants to increase the fuel efficiency of the vehicles in his fleet given the high cost of diesel fuel.


The fleet owner installed Intangles’ AI-powered predictive fleet maintenance system in his fleet as part of a pilot program.


  • Intangles detected engine faults in 37% of
 the trucks involved in the pilot and alerted the customer in real time on the Intangles platform, so the fleet manager had time to inspect and repair the vehicles and keep the trucks in good working order.
  • Intangles identified faults before the vehicles’ DTC codes were triggered, which helped the fleet manager prevent expensive repairs and damage to his trucks.
  • Preventative repair strategies identified by Intangles during the pilot could save the client an additional $380* a month – or more than $4,500 a year – in diesel fuel costs in just one vehicle alone and helped to increase the truck’s fuel efficiency by 8%.
  • If the faults detected by Intangles were not addressed, they could have resulted in damage to a pilot vehicle and necessitated $9,000
 in replacement parts, including pistons, piston rings, the high-pressure turbo assembly and the camshaft. This figure excludes the costs associated with repairs, towing and lack of asset availability.


After a successful pilot, the fleet owner installed Intangles in his entire fleet of 100 diesel long-haul vehicles manufactured by six different OEMs.
*Based on the average national retail price of diesel reported by the U.S. Department of Energy on Sept. 11, 2023.

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