Intangles helps avoid overheating breakdown

One of our key customers in the cargo business recently came across a latent undetected malfunction. On the 4th of July, during early evening hours, our ML-driven system issued an engine overheating alert for one of their vehicles. The customer did not encounter any error codes, nor had the Check Engine Light turned on; overall, the vehicle seemingly exhibited no issues.

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The company reached out to Intangles for an in-depth analysis of the issue, and we did what we do best, provide the most astute diagnosis. We informed the customer that the alert raised was of a predictive nature as the system had recorded anomalous engine temperature trends. This indicated that there was an issue with the cooling system and that the vehicle needed to be checked.


The customer complied with our request and checked the vehicle to find that our hypothesis was correct, as there was a leak in the coolant pipe. Coolant leakage is a major issue and, if left unattended, can lead to a major breakdown or also an engine seizure due to overheating. The customer subsequently arrested the leak by topping up the coolant, thereby averting a major breakdown.


Our platform not only helped the company avoid an unexpected breakdown but also averted the possibility of an engine block failure. Intangles has always aimed to deliver the most meticulous and detailed analysis of vehicle health parameters and will continue to provide best-in-class round-the-clock support for our services.

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