An 85% Jump in Vehicle Safety Through Data-driven Insights

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Case Study 4: An 85% Jump in Vehicle Safety Through Insight-driven Data

One of our key customers is a transport and logistics company with a pan-India network of commercial vehicles, including trucks, trailers, pullers, tippers, loaders and many more. The company was facing a great challenge in controlling the number of safety violations every month. As a result, its top management decided to incentivise its drivers to follow safe driving practices. For this, they decided to create a Driver Scorecard that would score their drivers based on driving practices and performance.

The Challenge

The challenge was to increase the overall safety score of the fleet and reduce accidents occurring due to unsafe driving practices like free-running, hard-braking, harsh acceleration and more. In addition, the fleet operator wanted an efficient fleet management system that would provide real-time alerts on the driver’s driving patterns, thus enabling them to take insight driven actions. The operations team wanted foolproof data to help them devise customised training programs for encouraging safe driving behaviour.

Intangles Approach

Intangles stepped in with its solutions which are built to provide unparalleled visibility on various aspects of its fleet management operations. Our real-time data and analytical insights enabled the Organisation to get a better grasp of its fleet’s performance and driver behaviour. Monitoring driving behaviour parameters such as free-running, hard-braking, harsh acceleration, continuous driving (driver fatigue), and instances of Idling were some of the insights that streamlined the daily operations within the Company. Intangles also developed an ‘Inline Driving Scorecard’ feature that could be configured on a mileage or safety basis, and be easily downloadable. Using these insights, the Organisation gradually improved and revamped its operations based on specific priority levels and saw significant improvement in vehicle safety and overall efficiency in a short period of time. Additionally, top performing drivers started getting incentives, and poor performers started getting focused training based on their scorecards.

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Measurable Outcomes

As a result of improved driving patterns, there was a huge uptake in vehicle safety, brake life, tire life and transmission performance. Drivers are also motivated by a competitive instinct to improve performance and opportunities for recognition within the organization. 

The significant performance improvement parameters include:

  • 85% Reduction in Accidents and Safety Incidents.
  • 85% Reduction in Idling Loss which led to savings of over ₹50k/month in fuel costs.
  • 99% Reduction in Over-Speeding instances over a span of 8 months.
  • 98% Reduction in Free-Running instances over 8 months.

With the help of Intangles, the company was able to overcome most of their fleet operation problems and also received insights on over-looked issues, which in turn optimised their fleet performance at large.

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