Unifiying Data

14 Bn

sensory data points captured/day
Vendor Neutral Interface Ingesting 450+ different signal types
AI Models

3 Mn

AI models running/min
Continuously learning AI models leveraging physics and statistics to build Digital Twins
Predictive Insights

1 Bn

Accurate and cost-effective prognostic solutions delivering KPI-centric business value


Facts – Expounding on our expertise

30 Mn

Number of Critical Faults Caught

$450 Mn

Breakdown Costs Averted

5 Mn gal

Fuel Wastage on Idling Caught

$22 Mn

Worth of Fuel Loss Tracked

3 Bn mi

Total Distance Tracked

300 Mn gal

Amount of Total Fuel Consumption Tracked

1 Mn gal

Volume of Total Fuel Thefts Detected


Predictive Alerts Raised

550K Hrs

Total Duration of Freerunning

20 Mn mi

Total Distance of Freerunning

14 Bn

Sensory Data Points Captured Every Day


Data points processed per second via ML models


From Intercity Mobility Planning To The Performance Of Construction Equipment – We’re Transforming How Stakeholders Interact With KPIs For Machine & Operational Intelligence.

Empowering fleets to optimize their operations and reduce overall costs through a comprehensive suite of solutions. By providing predictive breakdown management based on diagnostic trouble codes, we enhance vehicle reliability, minimize maintenance expenses, and maximize uptime.

Our driver behavior monitoring solutions promote fuel-efficient practices and minimize accident risks. Additionally, we assist fleet managers with route planning, schedule tracking, and maintenance automation, all while generating automated reports summarizing fleet performance, driver ranking, and fuel pilferage losses.

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Empowering EVs to adapt in real-time with Ambient Cognitive AI, we provide accurate range estimates. Our platform combines error tracking and metadata analysis, ensuring precise fault identification across vehicle systems.

Predictive battery coolant temperature alerts and accurate range estimates based on motor parameters and external conditions boost safety and efficiency. We offer detailed charging cycle data to assess BMS degradation over time and comprehensive charging session profiling. Our system recommends nearby charging stations based on vehicle range, connectors, and power ratings, streamlining the charging process.

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Measuring engine run hours for enhanced performance, we optimize vehicle management. Comprehensive data for diagnostic fault codes includes causes, symptoms, severities, and repair strategies. Our AI system monitors engine temperatures, predicts overheating, and tracks battery and charging systems for potential issues.

 We also log fuel consumption and offer mode-wise fuel efficiency tracking. Automated daily reports summarize key metrics, and live location tracking provides real-time insights. For transit mixers, we offer real-time alerts on the slave engine status.

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Enhancing safety with a focus on reducing crash events, we monitor driving behavior exceptions and promote safe habits through driver scorecards and comprehensive safety incident reports. Our solutions also provide real-time equipment and asset management, offering insights into location, condition, and usage, as well as maintenance scheduling and utilization analysis.

Improving operational efficiency, we deliver performance monitoring, fuel efficiency analysis, and route optimization. Our environmental compliance monitoring covers emissions, water usage, and regulatory compliance, ensuring adherence to environmental standards.

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Boosting operational efficiency through predictive maintenance, we offer real-time monitoring to detect potential failures before they cause breakdowns, leading to increased uptime. Our condition-based maintenance approach ensures that maintenance activities are carried out only when necessary, reducing costs while optimizing genset performance.

Fuel optimization is achieved with real-time insights into fuel levels and consumption, helping you monitor fuel economy and avoid critical period fuel shortages. Remote monitoring provides real-time data on genset performance and potential failures, allowing you to manage assets remotely and cut operational time and costs.

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Enhancing safety through monitoring driving behavior exceptions and implementing collision prevention systems, we promote safe driving habits and reduce crash events. Our solutions track performance and condition, minimizing downtime and extending equipment life. Real-time insights on fuel monitoring and optimization reduce fuel costs, while tracking equipment usage, operator performance, and maintenance scheduling maximizes productivity.
Compliance monitoring provides real-time data on emissions and streamlines regulatory reporting, ensuring regulatory compliance. Environmental compliance is achieved by monitoring and reducing inappropriate driving instances that lead to excessive fuel usage and violations of CO2 emissions.

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Enhance equipment maintenance by receiving real-time data on equipment health, engine diagnostics, fluid levels, and usage, enabling the early identification of potential issues. Fuel optimization is achieved through insights into fuel usage, idling time, and consumption rates, reducing costs. Gain better visibility into asset utilization, hours of operation, and job completion rates to optimize uptime. In crop management, receive insights on environmental factors like soil moisture and temperature for efficient irrigation and fertilizer application, reducing costs and maximizing yield. Enable precision farming through location tracking and data-driven decision-making to optimize yield and mitigate risks.

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Our platform provides comprehensive solutions for marine engine management. Remote monitoring enables tracking of vital metrics like fuel efficiency and power output, optimizing performance. Predictive maintenance offers real-time data on engine health and usage, detecting potential failures and minimizing downtime. Safety and compliance monitoring ensures vessel location, speed, bearing, and other factors are tracked for regulatory compliance and identifying safety hazards.

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intangles solutions
Proprietary AI algorithms designed at Component Level, Asset Level, System Level, and Process Level in a wide range of environments to monitor products in real-world and through the entire life cycle.
Intelligent, customized AI/ML-based solution that elevates the user experience by providing operational cost-effectiveness, vehicle maintenance insight, driver and asset management. Effective fleet management modules help reduce fuel costs, optimize routes, and increase productivity.




Proprietary algorithms that provide real-time predictive analysis, continuously training on ML and data models.


Edge Computing


Reducing the proximity operations and analytics platforms to provide actionable feedback in real-time.





Empowering the vendor to make well informed decisions.



AI on cloud


Combination of proprietary hardware and analytics platform.




Our solutions seamlessly integrate across OEM systems and predictive insights follow.


Technology Differentiators Cementing Solution Reliability
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