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We’ll show you exactly how we can help reduce your fleet costs with
our AI-powered fleet management system.

    Protect your fleet’s health with Intangles’ all-in-one predictive analytics platform

    Get real-time, in-depth data, including causes, symptoms and repair strategies on every vehicle in your fleet in one intuitive, easy-to-use platform

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    Intangles delivers incredible results


    Reduction in breakdown events

    5% – 10%

    Decrease in fuel costs

    5% – 10%

    Reduction in maintenance costs

    10% – 30%

    Increase in asset availability

    20% – 30%

    Improvement in driving behavior

    The power of predictive analytics

    vechicle state
    perdictive alert
    predictive alert minor two

    Intangles’ AI-powered platform accurately predicts maintenance issues and failures hours, and even days, before DTC codes are triggered.

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    What we do

    Real-time analytics for your entire fleet.

    Intangles’ proprietary solution leverages the power of AI to optimize fleet performance and reduce operating costs (CPM).
    At the core of the platform is Intangles’ industry-leading Digital Twin Technology, which recreates your vehicles in a virtual environment and can uncover an issue with a vehicle days in advance of a breakdown.
    The technology enables your fleet’s team to see how your assets are performing in real-time from any internet-connected device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone), anywhere in the world.

    Our solutions

    Our solutions

    Predictive Vehicle Health Monitoring

    The Intangles platform is compatible with all major OEMs*

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    We serve customers across diverse geographies and have generated value across the globe

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