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Managing a commercial transport fleet often means having to keep track of several things at once -vehicle health, driver wellbeing, legal driving mandates, and timely delivery.

Managing a commercial transport fleet often means having to keep track of several things at once -vehicle health, driver wellbeing, legal driving mandates, and timely delivery. While modern vehicles come equipped with the means to track these various metrics on a live-moving vehicle, operators often find themselves unable to read or utilise the data points to take effective action.

Intangles’ live incidents dashboard, a solution to this problem, was conceived as a means of addressing different types of pain points of different operators. The dashboard offers a wide range of metrics, easy access to data, and real-time alerts based on the operator’s pain point, making it easy to generate immediate, actionable insights.


Aadinath Bulk, a large bus operator based in Gujarat, India, found itself facing an unprecedented loss of approximately Rs. 3.2 Lakhs ($4,390) per month through fuel loss. For more than 12 years, the bus operating company has handled the ownership, maintenance, and day-to-day operations of about 350 buses covering intercity Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) routes, as well as local transport in Ahmedabad and Surat. As the fleet grows, the company has zeroed in on the primary cause of their fuel losses: idling. 

Mandate for Tracking Idling

Idling, as a practice, refers to the act of running a vehicle’s engine when the vehicle is not in motion, resulting in costly fuel consumption. Aadinath mandates that idling remain restricted to 20 minutes, considering unmitigable circumstances such as time for cooling the cabin prior to the journey, bus stops, and traffic snarls. In the absence of clarity about how and why idling was occurring, fleet managers could neither provide the right kind of support nor ultimately prevent losses. Aadinath’s requirement was simple: they wanted to know whenever a vehicle idled for more than 20 minutes so that they could take immediate and corrective action.

Intangles Solution

Intangles’ solution to this problem was to provide Aadinath with a live dashboard to track and receive real-time alerts when idling occurred. Consolidating data from each vehicle, the system generates an “Idling Start” alert on the dashboard whenever the 20-minute mark is crossed, with additional data on the time and location of the incident. It is also noteworthy that the machine learning algorithm which mines the idling incidents was continuously learning from idle characteristics such as engine speed, throttle depression, and location to auto- eliminate idling resulting from unavoidable reasons such as maintenance, traffic, and tolls. This enables the fleet manager to get in touch with the driver for a check-in, understand the reasons for the idling, and mark the incident as resolved accordingly. In this way, fleet managers are able to keep a check on diesel loss and minimize idling-related losses. 

Measurable Results

Since using Intangles’ dashboard, Aadinath has seen an 85 % reduction in idling across its vehicles. Operators are able to reach, support, and sensitise their drivers with greater ease. Overall, Adinath has seen savings of about Rs. 2.7 Lakhs ($3,705) per month from the reduction in wasteful idling.

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