Intangles Untangles the Blazing Mystery


What really transpired?

One of our key customers’ industrial gas tanker equipped with our device accidentally caught fire. The magnitude of the fire was so immense that the trailer was left charred to the ground. It is a riveting story that would usually not see the light of day, but we consider it needs your attention. The incident occurred during mid-afternoon hours and could have resulted in a major fiasco had the vehicle been loaded. The Organization, a global giant in the engineering and industrial gases sector, is exceedingly strict when it comes to safety standards and regards the accident as one of inacceptable negligence in accordance with their top-notch operating standards. Troubled by the episode, they resolved to conduct a full-scale investigation to trace the primary cause, which precipitated a pile-up of different conclusions.

What were the Company’s findings?

The investigating committee concluded that the incident had occurred due to a probable spike in the engine’s temperature. Their findings hinted that the incident occurred due to negligence in observing warnings on the vehicle’s instrument panel and probable lapses in maintenance. This, in turn, tainted the efficiency standards of their safety and maintenance teams. Another examination incited the assumption of a short in the alternator circuit.

Where did Intangles step in?

Unable to reach a conclusive hypothesis, the Organization reached out to Intangles to shed some light on the matter. Intangles’ Digital Twin platform, fed by real-time IOT data streams from the vehicle, ruled out assumptions made by the investigating committee. A comprehensive diagnostic profile of the engine, readily accessible on the cloud, negated any anomalies in the engine’s cooling system and the battery-alternator assembly around the time of the incident. Intangles’ devices are so superior that even though the trailer was ablaze, the device could transmit data from all the operational sensory data points within the vehicle until it burned down. To assist the Organization, Intangles carried out an investigation of our own after interacting with all the parties involved and identifying the root cause. Through our analytical insights, it was inferred that the Organization’s initial hypotheses were wrong. The reason lay nowhere near the vehicle’s cabin, ruling out any issues with the internal mechanisms.

The Impact

The real cause lay in the auxiliary wiring of the vehicle, which had short-circuited and caught fire. Through this inference, we not only helped the Organization affirm that there was no compromise when it came to their safety and maintenance standards but also aided in avoiding another occurrence of any such instances by generating awareness. Impressed by Intangles’ swift and accurate analytics, the Organization mandated the deployment of Intangles’ devices in their whole fleet as well as the fleets of all their third-party vendors. Incidents like this can occur with any fleet, but we work to ensure that they can be avoided to the greatest extent possible. Intangles has always placed safety standards as our topmost priority and continues to work towards issuing meticulous priority alerts.

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